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Mikwan Energy Works

Mikwan Maskihkiy  Medicine

I love energy work and crystal bowls but I also love to connect with my clients and really go deeper. I help facilitate growth and awareness  through healing on all levels and spaces. We do this through different offerings of Mikwan Maskihkiy (medicine).

How often do you get to sit with yourself? The Journey to Self-Love is a Louise Hay workshop created to make you fall in love with yourself again. When we nurture and love ourselves, we can take better care of ourselves and this service provides tools we can use to get to that point. Facilitated in a group setting or 1-1, this 90-120 minute workshop involves a grounding meditation and intuitively chosen affirmations. We will identify limiting beliefs and triggers, nurture our inner children, and acknowledge our old patterns so that we can move into new habits. With the ultimate outcome of peace, calm, and clarity, we piece together the different parts of ourselves to bring the whole self together in a gentle, loving environment.

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The practice of sound healing is older than time. It’s been around since Mikwan’s people went into ceremony with rattles, drums, and chanting. Sound can move energy, connect you to yourself and your ancestry, and facilitate healing at a vibrational level. Vibration holds space for the body to do what it already knows how to do: when overall peace and well-being are fostered, the body cannot do anything BUT heal itself.


Using the “Angels & Ancestors” card deck, the Intuitive Native Card reading is a 45-minute reading consisting of a 15-card spread that is meant to bring clarity to a specific topic. Beginning with connecting to Mother Earth and the Four Directions, we are asked to hold in our hearts and mind that which we are seeking clarity around. Mikwan acknowledges that you already know and she lets the cards speak to that as they present themselves. Mikwan holds space as you journey together to discover clarity and direction as spirit speaks through the cards.


We start out with a grounding and then we call in the Ancestors to help and guide the powerful healing session.  Powerful energetic Chakra balance and Sound Journey with the rattles, drums and Alchemy Crystal bowls help you drift off to deep relaxation. In this beautiful state the body can truly heal.  Reaching deep levels of consciousness and even energetic travel to other realms are very common. You will come to awareness rejuvenated, relaxed and a new sense of connection to self.

Mikwan offers other workshops that can be tailored to your organizations needs.  Just a few examples are listed below.  Do connect with Mikwan to customize your group or individual workshop.



- to live an exemplary life -

Workshop is all about taking care of you and remembering the beauty that life can be. Return to the Joy and Zest of living, nurture, natural and embody true miyopimatisowin 

Sohki mamitoneyihcikan

- mindful -

Workshop is an introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness. Helping you reach that space of calm clarity. Awareness of thoughts and how to slow and settle into gentle mindful state of meditation.


- kindness, loving, compassion -

A workshop around the path to wellness. Learn about your personal relationship with stress and how it has the potential to shape your future. Learn how to use the tools and wisdom of mindfulness and mediation to empower conscious and creative outcomes.

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